TDon't be fooled by the warm fall, the snow will soon be flying so Make sure that you're not caught off guard and your Honda is prepared for whatever the cold can throw at you without getting stranded! Read more

The modern independent suspension system on your Honda is engineered to keep the tire in alignment with the road to maintain traction and handling no matter what the angle of the steering or suspension is. To accomplish this, spherical bearings called ball joints are used to connect the steering knuckle to the control arm that locates the entire wheel assembly within the fender and connect it to the vehicle's chassis. Read more

The air conditioning compressor on the 2002-2006 Honda CRV has a reputation for catastrophic internal failure that can contaminate the entire AC system, leaving it ineffective even after counless repairs. This is called the Honda CRV Black Death! Read more

We often take power steering for granted until an important part of the system fails and we're left to muscle the front wheels around on our own.The new generation of electronic power steering systems equipped on many Hondas alleviates many problems associated with older belt-driven power steering systems and provides easy and direct steering response. Read more

The Brakes are your Honda vehicle's most important safety system for avoiding road hazards and maintaining control while driving. Making sure that your Honda's brakes are working properly is the key to ensuring the safety of you and your passengers, and preserving handling performance while on the road. Read more

There are few cars that are more emblematic of Honda's rise from a foreign manufacturer of compact cars to a household name in the global automotive market than the Honda Accord. Since its introduction in the 1970s, the Accord has won numerous awards and has been established as the gold standard for the mid-size sedan segment. Now in its tenth-generation, the 2018 Accord again raises the bar for all other affordable and fuel-efficient sedans on sale today. Read more

One of the most common failures we see during the summer are the ignition coils. Unlike your first car which probably had an ignition distributor and spark plug wires, most cars today use a single ignition coil, mounted on top of the engine, for each spark plug. In this type of system, known as "coil-on-plug," the engine control unit (ECU) feeds a precisely timed signal to each coil that triggers the spark that ignites the fuel and air mixture in the cylinder. Read more

Summer's here and that means it's time to turn on the air conditioning system in your Honda to keep you cool for your daily commute or while on a family road trip. But a failing or damaged to the AC system can leave you hot under the collar from high service bills! By knowing the common problems with Honda air condition systems, you can save yourself a lot of money before you undertake any repair on your own. Read more

Most enthusiasts will tell you that Honda vehicles have a great reputation for retaining more of their original value than most other brands. And for many car shoppers, protecting their investment with a high resale value is a big part of the final decision on which vehicle to ultimately purchase.Read more

Like many Honda fans in the United States, we at BK Honda grew up dreaming of getting our hands on the steering wheel of the Honda Civic Type R. Unfortunately, Honda never offered the Type R on our shores and so the storied super-hatch remained forbidden fruit for the average American. But that all changes in just a few short months as the dream becomes reality when the 2018 Honda Civic Type-R finally arrives in the U.S. for the first time ever. Read more

Anyone who has even the basic familiarity with a car knows that proper Honda maintenance is critical to keeping you on the road. That’s a given. But one of the problems with this is knowing how much beyond the usual maintenance issues you need to know to keep your Honda going as long as it can and running optimally. Read more

We believe that Hondas are the finest built cars in the world. For dependable and long-lasting cars, there are few that beat a Honda. But if you want your Honda to perform at maximum efficiency, there are a few things you will want to do. Unfortunately, not everything you can do is a good idea since due to Honda’s popularity, there is a huge pool of aftermarket parts available for your use. Read more

Honda takes safety as its highest priority to provide the driver and passengers a secure environment in their vehicle. Unfortunately, car accidents are a fact of life and collisions occur – being prepared and offering a protective system is a motivation behind Honda’s vehicle design. The airbag systems are a standard feature in vehicles because of their proven ability to reduce injury and provide added security to individuals during a collision. Read more

Summertime is around the corner, thinking about take a road trip? Fuel prices are down, sparking many people to hit the open road for a great adventure. This is a great idea and road trips can be a lot of fun. In order to ensure a safe and secure journey on the road it’s vital to make sure your vehicle is ready for the trip. Honda’s have an excellent reputation for being solid cars up for any challenge – the engine that just keeps going. Read more

Honda offers a collection of well designed and reliable vehicles that have clearly made their impact on drivers nationwide and throughout the world. The proper operations have each element in the car is essential to have a full positive experience on the road. Over the years Honda has dramatically decreased road noise from inside cabin, offering a silent and enjoyable ride. The windows in your Honda are one important factor when it comes to the driving experience. Read more

When owning a vehicle that will become exposed to extreme climates it’s important to understand how this can be detrimental to your Honda. This can occur in areas in which your car is left outside during extreme cold and hot temperatures. It is also worth noting that issues can arise when temperatures don’t hit extremes, but the change of temperature occurs rapidly. Many people understand that engine temperatures are highly regulated and system gauges constantly monitor the likelihood of the engine overheating. This isn’t the only damage that can happen.Read more

The Honda Motor Company has a long and intriguing history. It is one of the most successful foreign automobile makers in the United States, and for good reason. Hard work and creative genius on the part of teams of designers, engineers, manufacturers, and sales personnel the world over have made it what it is. Here are just a few little known facts about this auto maker. Read more

It might come as a surprise to most people, but when your are is running, whether you are playing the radio or using the lights, it’s not your battery that is providing the power. Instead, it is your Honda alternator. Not only that, but while it is carrying out such tasks, it is also recharging your battery at the same time. Using the rotary of the engine, which is connected by belts, the alternator runs all of the electrical accessories in your car, including the ignition and engine control systems. Read more

Your Honda battery is a very special device. Currently a 12 volt storage hold, your Honda battery helps to operate the electrical systems of your car. Each Honda battery is comprised of six cells of stacked positive and negative lead plates that are separated by lead plates. These are, in turn, separated by insulators and immersed in electrolyte, which is a water and sulfuric acid mixture. Each one of these cells stores 2.1 volts of electricity, totaling 12.6 volts. Read more

When most people are faced with the statement, “I think your problem is with the starter” from their mechanic, their first thought is usually “I thought it was the starter.” Unfortunately, as simple as the word might be, the starter is actually the most critical part of your car’s operation, since it starts the combustion system that starts the engine. The Honda starter only works a few times a day, but without it your car simply couldn’t operate. Read more

If you are one of those folks who enjoys working on his Honda, we are the last ones who would want to disappoint you. We believe that we make the best made cars in the world, but if you want to make a repair or, heavens, make your Honda even better, you should know that there are several ways that we want to make you happy. Read more

The Honda Civic is a very strong automobile with the ability to last. Replacement parts are easy to order and the vehicle can keep on moving. We’re not exactly sure of the longest running Civic around but here’s a great story about a driver that put 750k miles on his Honda Civic in just five years time. Read more

The enjoyment of your Honda is elevated when the weather is great and the sunroof is open. Taking in the sun and turning up the tunes can make all the difference between a good day and a fantastic day. Since Hondas are such reliable vehicles owners typically keep them for many years. Although parts hold up well, many can experience natural wear as years pass. Depending on the weather and usage of the sunroof, will be factors to its longevity. Harsh environments and any type of rust can cause electronics to malfunction and pieces to be repaired. Read more

The term “thermostat” is usually used to refer to a home A/C controller on the wall; therefore, most people think that the cars thermostat is located inside the vehicle. It’s true that the car has temperature inside the cabin, but the engine has it’s own temperature regulation. Honda, as well as other vehicles have ideal temperature ranges in which the engine must be cooled. This takes place through a complex system of regulatory methods to keep the engine from overheating. Read more

Honda’s are one of the most popular vehicles on the road today. These cars are fun to drive and easy to maintain throughout the years. Safety and security have always been a main goal for Honda, therefore it’s essential that all doors lock and unlock perfectly. This not only keeps passengers safe, but helps ensure that items left inside the car are secure too. Read more

Hondas offer a stylish exterior in addition to the vehicle’s comfortable and efficiently designed interior cabin. Many Honda owners select to customize their cars with the numerous accessories, adding a little extra to their Honda. This is typically done at the dealership when first receiving the car. However, additions and customizations can be done at anytime. Also, because the exterior of the car is directly in contact with the outside environment damage is more likely to occur and therefore Honda has made it easy to order replacement parts for all exterior areas of the car. Read more

Keep your eyes on the road and both hands on the wheel – these used to be the only focuses for the driver. Today there are more distractions and a driver has more information at their disposal. The instrument panel is now filled with essential information to keep the driver updated and in full control of the various functions available. Read more

A vehicle today is more than just a method to go from point A to B. Technology has been integrated into Hondas, offering drivers and passengers a customized experience. In the 1980s cassette decks were the pinnacle of audio technology and fit perfectly into the dashboards, giving occupants access to their music collections. This was slowly updated many years later as compact discs (CDs) were introduced and began to be installed in vehicles. Today, audio is just one aspect of the technology included in a car. Read more

Many Honda owners were attracted to purchase a Honda, not only because of its performance and style, but because Honda’s have an excellent reputation for lasting many years. Those that desire a vehicle that has longevity have looked towards Honda. It’s great to drive a car that can keeping on ticking for years into the future, but that can mean expensive maintenance and unavailable parts; however, this is no the case. Read more

The front headlamps to Honda vehicles are essential to the car’s styling and of course driver visibility. When you drive off the lot with your new Honda the exterior of the car is in perfect condition because of its limited exposure to the environment. The natural use of any car will quickly demonstrate the ability for seemingly harmless elements to begin to take their toll on the exterior of your Honda. Things like dust, sand, rain, wind, leaves, exhaust, and dirt can require your car be washed and cleaned once a week. Read more

Keeping your car clean should be a lifestyle and not a choir, there are certain tips and behaviors that will hopefully help get you on the right track. Here are a few tips to maintaining the inside of your car. Read more

The exterior accessories for your Honda are both for style and function. Accessories like body molding , nose guards, and door moldings are available to protect the exterior of the car. One of the least appreciated exterior accessories are the splash guards placed on the rear of the tire well area. Read more

Did you know that Hondas have an incredible lifespan? Yes! Chances are if you’re a Honda owner and you discovered us by searching for replacement parts for your Honda you knew the answer to that question. Honda vehicles can offer owners many years of enjoyment as well as relatively efficient and inexpensive maintenance. That being said, many Honda owners can be fearful of replacing parts and fixing items in order to keep their vehicles in great condition. Read more

Honda vehicles are some of the best fuel efficient cars on the road today. These vehicles not only are designed to deliver performance, but keep in mind the driver’s budget at the pump. The fact that various Honda models are able to minimize visits to the gas station, still doesn’t solve the issue of high prices – especially when there are spikes in the market. This being said, it’s necessary to be mindful of your car’s performance and ways to keep fuel economy at its best. Read more

The technology in Honda vehicles has developed over the years. Incorporating technology can sometime be utilized in the engine functionality, entertainment systems, or vehicle safety. One of the most noticeable developments of technology for safety purposes is the inclusion of the rearview cameras in Honda cars. These tiny cameras placed at the rear of the vehicle allow drivers to actively have a full view of the environment, when going in reverse. Read more

The Honda Odyssey is a fantastic vehicle that is designed to transport 8 people and offer trunk storage. A vehicle of this size can really make life easier when needing that extra space and maneuvering in the inside cabin. Although just from being a large car life is made easier, there are also Honda Odyssey accessories that are designed to maximize the vehicle’s convenience. Read more

Honda vehicles are a perfect match for your active lifestyle. These cars not only offer great durability and reliability but offer accessories that can accommodate your needs. Those that love bike riding and enjoy spending those weekends at the park, will love the Bike Attachment Roof Rack. This is a great way to harness a bike to the car and shine on models like the Honda Odyssey.Read more

The Honda Accord is one of the most desirable and reliable vehicles on the road today. It does not matter if we are talking about the Honda Accord Coupe or the Honda Accord Sedan, both are equally popular and have earned their well-deserved reputations. That being said, there are a full line of replacement parts for the Honda Accord – both for damage repairs from accidents and normal wear and tear for those that own their Honda Accords for many years. Since this vehicle is so popular and the parts are readily available, the cost of parts are generally very reasonable. Read more

Everyone loves that sweet new car smell that lingers in the air when a car drives off the lot. It’s by far the most recognizable sign of a new car. Another element that clearly distinguishes a well maintained car is that fresh swipe of the windshield wipers. New windshield wipers give the car that perfectly smooth shave, quickly removing any access layers of dirt, grim, or any other debris. Since wipers are in direct contact with the elements to increase visibility, they naturally wear down. This occurs from a combination of environment, usage, and harsh debris. Read more

The quality of the air we breath in our home is directly related to the quality and cleanliness of air filter used. Similarly the quality of air our car receives is connected to its air filter. These air filters are typically not changed on a monthly basis, like some thirty day home filters. However, they offer extremely important benefits to the engine and cabin interior. The engine has an air filter designed to act as a barrier of air entering the engine motor of the vehicle. A cabin filter, if present in your Honda model, is to clean the air in the inside cabin for the driver and passengers. These two filters are essential for the vehicle’s optimum function, but each have a clearly different purpose. Read more

The enjoyment of a Honda is not only attributed to all the technological advances and styling, but the smoothness of the ride is what keeps people loyal to the brand. Achieving a smooth ride happens because of properly operating shocks and struts on the car. Hondas are designed with a shocks and struts system that translates into a reliable and enjoyable smooth ride. Many of heard the terms Shocks and Struts, but many don’t have any clue what each is and the value it brings to their vehicle. Read more

Honda vehicles have led the way in popularity for decades. These cars have gained their reputation because they have a fantastic primary and secondary market. The primary new car market continues to push the limits of possibilities in vehicle technology, comfort, and reliability. Those seeking an all around great car love Honda and align with everything the brand stands for in the marketplace – the same is true for the used car, secondary, market. The longevity of Hondas and their great styling have placed it at the top of the list for those purchasing a used car. Read more

As a Honda owner, you no doubt understand the importance of maintaining the value of your car. Further, it doesn’t take a mechanic to know that making intelligent decisions about maintenance will maximize your car’s long-term performance. Read more