Engine Air Filter vs Cabin Filter

The quality of the air we breath in our home is directly related to the quality and cleanliness of air filter used. Similarly the quality of air our car receives is connected to its air filter. These air filters are typically not changed on a monthly basis, like some thirty day home filters. However, they offer extremely important benefits to the engine and cabin interior. The engine has an air filter designed to act as a barrier of air entering the engine motor of the vehicle. A cabin filter, if present in your Honda model, is to clean the air in the inside cabin for the driver and passengers. These two filters are essential for the vehicle’s optimum function, but each have a clearly different purpose. 

The engine filter is constantly being aggressively used as it encounters the harsh elements in the environment from regular engine usage. The scheduled maintenance of your Honda will dictate the frequency of cleaning or replacing the engine air filter for your Honda. This is typically assessed at each scheduled oil change and your authorized service center will advise accordingly. On the other hand, the cabin filter is changed much less frequent and usually only checked at major milestones such as 30k, 60k and 100k mile check ups. The cabin interiors are not in direct contact with the environment under harsh conditions as the engine air filter and therefore can be periodically checked. 

The cabin filter is often neglected by drivers; however, it can drastically effect the cleanliness of the air inside the car. A dirty filter, although it does not change the function of the engine, is a major factor of the enjoyment of the drive. In some cases a moggy and stale air is circulating in the car which creates an unpleasant traveling environment. To maintain the longevity of the car it’s best to keep this filter fresh and change it when necessary. 

The replacement engine air filters and cabin air filters are readily available at our online Honda parts store. Depending on your level of comfort, replacing an air filer can be a simple task. If there is any hesitation, taking your Honda and the air filter to an authorized mechanic works too.