Honda Civic Hybrid

Looking for a fantastic efficient vehicle that combines quality and hybrid power, Honda's Civic Hybrid is a winner. The Civic Hybrid is an excellent option that is sensible for many drivers seeking an alternative energy vehicle. The Civic Hybrid, like all Hondas, is easy to maintain and replacement parts are readily available to keep your car for many years to come. We make available a huge selection of Honda Civic replacement parts and accessories for you to order online.

Maintenance Schedule and Part Replacements:

The Civic is one of Honda's most reliable vehicles and a easy vehicle to maintain. The Civic Hybrid is no exception, and it's an extremely versatile car that if cared for diligently will last many years. The scheduled maintenance is carefully outlined in the owners manual and should be followed as recommended. If you have any specific questions regarding service, contact your local authorized dealer service center.

The typical mileage maintenance intervals are done at 5k, 30k, 45k, 60k, 75k, 90k, 105k, 120k.

Part Replacement:

When it comes to order replacement parts for your Honda Civic Hybrid, we are the best online resource for OEM Honda Civic Hybrid parts. Naturally, over time parts need replacing or in the event damage results from a collision. Either way, our wide selection of Honda manufactured OEM Civic Hybrid parts are perfect match.

Here are few common Honda Civic Hybrid replacement parts:

Accelerator Pedal Sensor – This part is a commonly needed item for replacement. There are various sensors and electronic replacement parts available for the Civic Hybrid.

A/C Condenser – The air conditioning system has several operating parts and the condenser is essential for cooling the car. The a/c condenser for the Civic Hybrid can be purchased via our online store.

Oil Pan – Keeping your engine well lubricated and fluids monitored is a must for the healthy longevity of the car. Oil and various parts like the oil filter and oil pan are parts that may need replacing, all of which are available in our store.


In addition to a full line of replacement parts for the Honda Civic Hybrid, we carry a great selection of accessories for your car. The Civic Hybrid car accessories are perfect for giving your vehicle a custom look or to just increase the overall enjoyment and utilization of your car.

Here are few common Honda Civic Hybrid accessories:

Splash Guard – These are perfect additions to the styling of your car while offering protection from the elements around the wheel base.

Trunk Tray – Having a trunk tray is great for removing any stress associated with damaging your interior and using your trunk for storing anything under the sun.

Full Nose Mask – This covering on the front end of the vehicle is excellent for protecting the car from the environment as well as giving your Honda Civic Hybrid a custom look.

Visit our full list of OEM Honda Civic Hybrid accessories. Upgrade your vehicle today.