Honda Civic Sedan

The Honda Civic Sedan is a versatile automobile that provides a reliable drive and fantastic experience. This iconic vehicle is designed in many trim levels and comes in a 5-speed manual transmission or an automatic CVT transmission. Drivers can select a combination of features, from navigation, sunroof, upgraded stereo, to many more options. Best of all the Civic Sedan is very economical on gas and offers a quiet ride around town. This automobile is coveted by its owners for its excellent handling and comfortable interior cabin. The Civic Sedan is a long lasting and durable car that is easy to maintain – a great family choice if you require a little more space than the Coupe.

Maintenance Schedule and Part Replacements:

The Honda Civic Sedan is a great vehicle. Depending on your specific year and mileage it will determine the frequency and type of maintenance to schedule. The specific of your Civic's maintenance is referenced in the user manual and a quick call to an authorized Honda service center will be the best place to start. The Civic Sedan is recognized to provide many years of enjoyment if maintained and cared for according to its maintenance schedule. Honda offers a full line of replacement parts and products necessary for all of your repair and maintenance needs.

The legendary Civic Coupe has built a reputation for delivering performance, style, and solid reliability. This vehicle offers fantastic fuel economy and its drivers enjoy superior handling. The Civic Coupe boasts great horsepower for a smaller and lighter car, while designed with a comfortable backseat and a generous trunk size. These vehicles are highly sought after on the secondary market because of their durability and reputation for longevity. We offer a huge selection of Honda Civic Coupe replacement parts and accessories.

Maintenance Schedule and Part Replacements:

The maintenance on a Honda Civic Coupe is easy to follow and replacement parts are very reasonably priced. This combination is perfect, making the Civic Coupe a popular car that owners hold on to for many years. It is recommended to reference the owner's manual when specific services are required, based on your year and vehicle trim level. Every Honda owner can also connect with an authorized dealer to discuss specific service needs necessary to keep your Honda operating great.

The typical mileage maintenance intervals are done at 5k, 30k, 45k, 60k, 75k, 90k, 105k, 120k.

Part Replacement:

On our website you will be able to find almost every available part manufactured for your Honda Civic Coupe. Although many drivers seek high-performance aftermarket parts for the Civic Coupe, our company only offers OEM replacement parts that are ideal for maintaining the car to its factory specifications. There are a variety of reasons why parts need to be replaced – everything from collision repair to normal wear. Honda manufactured parts will offer the best results and ideal for producing the ultimate driving experience.

Here are few common Honda Civic Coupe replacement parts:

  • Timing Belt – As a Civic Coupe experiences normal wear, the timing belt will began to weaken. This can be examined by a Honda authorized mechanic and must be replaced at the signs of a slight wear. Replacing the timing belt, when appropriate, will keep your car operating safely and smoothly.
  • Oil Pump Assembly – One of the most important aspects to any engine is oil consumption. Any part that is not functioning properly and compromising the delivery of oil to the engine will put your vehicle's engine at risk. Our factory oil pump assembly is essential to the longevity to your Honda Civic Coupe.
  • Radiator – The life of your engine owes its longevity to a properly functioning radiator. Since the radiator is located at the front of your vehicle, it is often easily damaged in a collision. This is a common repair and we offer the perfectly designed radiator that will fit exactly and keep your engine cooling efficiently.

Visit our full list of OEM Honda Civic Coupe replacement parts.


The Civic Coupe is likely one of the most accessorized and customize Honda vehicles on the road. This solidly built car and efficiently designed engine makes a Honda Civic Coupe a natural choice for those looking for an affordable car that delivers quality, style and performance. Our website offers a vast selection of accessory parts for the Civic Coupe perfect for your upgrade and replacement needs.

Spoilers – Honda Civic Coupe styling is very popular and we offer a great selection of spoilers for the under area of the car – both front and rear.

Molding – Body side molding is excellent for a little extra surface protection as well as nice styling touch.