It Seems to be the Starter

When most people are faced with the statement, “I think your problem is with the starter” from their mechanic, their first thought is usually “I thought it was the starter.” Unfortunately, as simple as the word might be, the starter is actually the most critical part of your car’s operation, since it starts the combustion system that starts the engine. The Honda starter only works a few times a day, but without it your car simply couldn’t operate.

Honda makes several models of their humble little starter–gear reduction models for higher torque, permanent-magnet types for reduction in size and weight, or just plain old-fashioned heavy starters–but they all function in basically the same way.

In any case, any time your engine cranks slowly, it could be a problem with the starter. This is doubly true when your car gets older. In most cars, however, this problem is due to low battery voltage, poor electrical connections, or bad links.

In most cases, a starter will outlast a new vehicle warranty if it’s not overused. It the connections are good and well maintained, and if it isn’t overheated and with dirt and grime buildup, it should outlast your car.

A great way to make your Honda starter last a long time is to start your engine without any of the major components going. These include the air conditioner, blower motor, and high-powered stereos. In fact, most new Hondas will not start without “lockouts” of these systems, which cause a longer life of your starter. Regardless, turning off these systems before you start your Honda is always a good idea.

Just as is the case with any part of your Honda, everything works best when everything is working well together. Keep everything in such a condition with regular maintenance, and that starts with you. BKHONDAPARTS.COM offers a selection offers replacement starter parts keep your Honda on track.