Replacing Honda Shocks and Struts

We believe that Hondas are the finest built cars in the world. For dependable and long-lasting cars, there are few that beat a Honda. But if you want your Honda to perform at maximum efficiency, there are a few things you will want to do. Unfortunately, not everything you can do is a good idea since due to Honda’s popularity, there is a huge pool of aftermarket parts available for your use.

It’s always important that when you perform maintenance on your Honda you use quality Honda parts. As a result, if you want to change the struts on your Honda, whether it be due to the fact that they are worn, or you are replacing a set that was placed with something of lesser quality, there are a few steps you will want to know. Keep in mind that all service should be performed by an authorized Honda service center. That being said, it’s here’s a quick breakdown of the process.

1. Once you take the tires off of your Honda you can determine quickly what types of struts you have. If you have a different brand of struts, or whatever is there is worn, make sure you remove the mounting nut from the bottom of the A arm.

2. Pops the hood and remove the mounting bolts from the top of the strut, which is located in the corner of the engine compartment. Slide the old strut out.

3. Slide the new strut in place and reattach the strut in the engine compartment. Mount the bottom of the strut to the top of the A arm. Reattach the wheel and the lug nuts.

4. Repeat this process on the other front side. There is no need to replace anything on the rear wheels since there are no actual strut there. The rear is only equipped with a straight axle, coil springs and shocks. You are now back in business for the long haul.