Splash Guards are a Silent Hero

The exterior accessories for your Honda are both for style and function. Accessories like body molding , nose guards, and door moldings are available to protect the exterior of the car. One of the least appreciated exterior accessories are the splash guards placed on the rear of the tire well area. These are composed of a strong and durable synthetic material which are designed to protect both the car, tire and wheels.

Splash guards are designed to keep the debris from being shot up from the tires while they are spinning. This is important if your vehicle is located in a more rural environment; however, it can be equally as valuable in the city. In areas in which there is a lot of dirt roads, things like rocks and excessive sand can cause damage to the vehicles exterior as the tire drives. Installing splash guards will prevent this damages, as they act as a simple barrier to any loose projectiles. 

The same is true for cars that are relegated to city driving. Road debris and even driving past the occasional road construction can be a risk. Having a pair of Honda’s splash guards specifically designed for your vehicle will keep your car protected and looking great.
The fact that this accessories are put in harms way every day, means that it is typical for parts to break and become weak as they protect your Honda. Our site carries a full line of OEM Honda Splash Guards for a new addition or as a replacement to your already existing splash guards on your vehicle. Adding splash guards is a great decision, you’ll be glad that you went the extra mile to protect your Honda.