Time to Sell or Worth Repairing?

Honda vehicles have led the way in popularity for decades. These cars have gained their reputation because they have a fantastic primary and secondary market. The primary new car market continues to push the limits of possibilities in vehicle technology, comfort, and reliability. Those seeking an all around great car love Honda and align with everything the brand stands for in the marketplace – the same is true for the used car, secondary, market. The longevity of Hondas and their great styling have placed it at the top of the list for those purchasing a used car.

The question remains, when is a Honda worth repairing or does it make sense to sell?

In order to best answer the question, it’s imperative to understand the elements of a car purchase. Undoubtably a vehicle offers transportation and that should be reliable and trustworthy. However, today cars have evolved into so much more than a method of transportation. When weighing the answer to the aforementioned question, it will depend on the car owner’s perspective.

Bottomline, Hondas are designed to last a tremendous amount of years – in some cases double or triple from when many owners decide to sell. Replacement parts for Hondas are easily available and affordably priced. Since replacement parts continue to be manufactured and replacement is easy, many believe that repairing their Honda is the only way. However, if you are the type that enjoys the latest and best or need a fresh new vehicle for work, then selling your Honda when it hits 3-6 years makes the most sense. This decision to sell rarely has anything to do with the reliability and longevity of the Honda, it has more to do with the individual owner.

Typically the four year mark is when owners begin to think about selling and this decision should be a quick one – if you prefer and can afford to jump into a new Honda, go for it. That being said, many owners that have decided to continue with their current vehicle and make repairs, experience many years of Honda joy into the future.