Tips to Maintain the Interior Cabin of Your Honda

The inside of your car is as important of maintaining a sparkling exterior. In fact, many would agree that having a clean interior cabin is more important because that’s precisely where you spend time in the car. It’s true that a dingy exterior is not nice to look at, but when you are driving the car or taking guests nobody sees the outside of your Honda. The problem is that even the most clean interior cabin can become dirty and disorganized very quickly.

Keeping your car clean should be a lifestyle and not a choir, there are certain tips and behaviors that will hopefully help get you on the right track.

Here are a few tips to maintaining the inside of your car:

Interior Trash Bag – This is essential to keeping your car spotless in between a deep cleaning. There are countless small papers, empty bottles, candy wrappers, and other random things that can just be tossed in your interior garbage instead of making their way onto the floor.

Floor Mats – Either choose the factory floor mats or the all season rubberized mats. These are easy to clean and simple to shake off while getting gas. The car floor is a magnet for debris, so having a layer of protection that can be removed, cleaned, or replaced is excellent for maintaining a clean interior.

Surface Wipes – It’s always a challenge to maintain that new car look inside your vehicle. Using the recommended surface wipes are a great way to remove settled dust and bring the luster back to the various surfaces inside the car.

Protective Cups – Those that commute know it can be challenging when traveling with a cup of hot coffee. It’s best to be safe and use a thermos cup that is designed for your cup holder. These cups have a protective seal and don’t easily spill coffee at every bump and turn. Using these cups are a great way to prevent sticky seats from spills, coffee stains, and odors in their car – not to mention the fact that it can be very dangerous to spill hot coffee while driving.

There are many accessories designed to control the level of clutter and dirt in your car. It’s great to incorporate these tools, but more importantly keeping the inside cabin clean requires a mindset shift. The focus should be on constant motion to maintain the cleanliness at the end of the day. Usually, grabbing a few things to take out of the car or a few quick wipes does the trick.