When is it Time to Change Your Honda’s Headlights?

The front headlamps to Honda vehicles are essential to the car’s styling and of course driver visibility. When you drive off the lot with your new Honda the exterior of the car is in perfect condition because of its limited exposure to the environment. The natural use of any car will quickly demonstrate the ability for seemingly harmless elements to begin to take their toll on the exterior of your Honda. Things like dust, sand, rain, wind, leaves, exhaust, and dirt can require your car be washed and cleaned once a week. The headlamps are at the front tip of your car and trail-blaze the way through the environment, because of this exposure there might come a time to replace your headlights.
There are different levels of damage that can occur to headlamps and some are easier to fix than others. One of the most common types of damage is the oxidization that occurs on the surface which causes discoloration. This is when the headlamps turn a yellowish color and there’s a layer of film that forms on the exterior of the headlamp. It not only looks horrible and makes the car look older than it actually is, but this slightly reduces the visibility for the light to shine at night. Another common damage can occur to the actual light bulb connections inside the headlamp; these can wear over time and either cause the light to be intermittent or out completely. Also, even though the headlamps are extremely durable they are usually the first part to be damaged in a minor accident or crack from being hit by flying debris.

Actual damage to headlamps cannot be ignored and should be immediately fixed before driving the vehicle, especially driving at night. It’s important that when considering replacement Honda headlamps only OEM Honda headlamps are installed. This will guarantee that the headlamps fit securely and operate as when the Honda left the factory. When the headlamps are not physically damaged but experience the yellowish film, it’s important to have this professionally cleaned. The entire process of professionally cleaning the headlamps takes about an hour and should be done by an experienced service center. The procedure includes a mix of light sanding, cleaning and sealing to bring back the headlamp luster and night visibility.
Maintaining the headlamps with a deep cleaning is great, but eventually they’ll need full replacement to keep that new look for longer periods of time. Either way, if damaged or purely an aesthetic replacement, this is an easy fix and perfect for ensuring the safety, visibility, and style of your Honda vehicle.